Spiraling Upward

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Spiraling Upward

76 x 17 x 17 inches
Oak / Poplar / Threaded Rod / Enamel Paint
Available for Sale

The naturally curved s-line taken from an oak branch is sliced into three. The intertwined branches lift the eye upward into the curvacious open space of Spiraling Upward. Elevated by four stacked discs, in turn supported by a cube, the delicacy of nature’s playful lines echo a flower’s stamen. This also can be viewed as the three graces—beauty, charm and joy—creating a dance, a graceful pas de trois.

Construction of this piece is engineered for easy assembly/disassembly and for transportation and installation. A threaded rod and nut hold the three sections together. The slices of the oak branch at the top were cut on a bandsaw and adhered to create a single unit. The nut is embedded in the bottom of the top, which is rotated on top of the middle portion. The middle, comprised of four 16” diameter poplar discs, were turned on a lathe and enameled an earthen hue. The base, an enameled poplar cube, anchors the threaded rod.

This sculpture suggests a lyrical theme of grace and harmony, in proffering the dance of nature. The base serves as a dais honoring life and the eternal graces found in art throughout history.